GLI SPECCHI DI VERONICA 1 BN trasparente copia_edited.png

Class 98, 

travels in the Roaring Twenties

born in the province

among the rice fields of the north,

yearning for the city of the Seine

and Surrealism, 

with little realism; 

would like to have in common

with Kiki de Montparnasse 

not only the bangs. 


because it's more complicated, 

imperfectly detailed,

aggressively delicate, 

constantly moody, 

not really,

but a bit yes. 

when she cleans

she disorganizes, 

when she laughs

she cries. 

aspires to her own personal

reworking of the past
looking to the future, 

thinking of new scenarios 

even of unreal realizable.